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Eugene Luo

Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

Passionate about computer systems: operating, distributed, embedded, and more.

Experience with

Apple, as a software engineer in the GPU organization starting in July.

Microsoft, developing an Azure extension service to allow for intelligent load balancing, SSL resumption, and rate limiting through a distributed cache model.

Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, teaching 15-213: Introduction to Computer Systems and 15-112: Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science for four semesters.

Honey Science Corporation, doing fullstack development with the Product Team.

Select Projects

BoulderOS: a highly preemptible, multithreaded x86-32 kernel written in C based on the Pebbles kernel specification, with support for virtual memory and virtual console interfaces.

Avalanche: a forked version of BoulderOS capable of paravirtualizing simple guest kernels and servicing virtual interrupts.

Raspberry Pi Kernel: a basic ARM kernel written in C that supports multithreaded synchronization and highest-locker protocol scheduling.

Many of my projects cannot be made immediately public due to academic integrity. If you're curious about any of these projects and more, you can email me here.

Outside of work, you find me

contributing to CMU's world-famous Orientation program,

curating my favorite music into playlists every year,

staying in shape in the weight room and on the road (marathon training!),

learning Byleth in Super Smash Bros, and

searching for the best ice cream ever.

(Current recommendation is Lickety Split in Englewood, FL.)